Do more

Spread the word

If you find Food Action exciting, please contact the organization working in your language to learn how to reach out to others.

Consider coaching

A FAct! manual for coaches provides support for those willing to organise a study circle to learn from and experience food actions with others. Such a study circle needs an empowering coach to facilitate the process, and the manual helps successful coaching.


Contribute to the Online Library

The Library contains references to web addresses and web hosted files on FAct! subject areas Food & waste, Food & climate, and Food & health. Should you be interested in contributing to the content and quality of the library, please contact the organisation representing your language.

Set up another language version

The FAct! program materials – Workbook, Library and Coach training manuals – are freely available for adaptation beyond the current language versions. To be successful you will need some instructions. If you are interested, please contact the organization with the language version you want to start from.